Wood Working

Hey there! Here are some of my wood projects. I'm just a beginner hobbyist, and most of these are for personal use, or gifts for my family and friends. I’ve always wanted to learn carpentry but never had the time to do so. Then 2020 came...

I love being able to build things from scratch, and the whole process from designing a piece, buying the materials, cutting the wood, finishing it, then showing it off to anyone who comes to my house! I have so many more projects in the works, but sadly “The Caro Shop” is just able to operate around the cooler months… For now you can take a look around my first season of creations. Feel free to contact me if you want the plans for any of the pieces, or (in the rare case) if you want a custom made oeuvre!

Rustic Full Size Platform Bed

Bedrest Table + Desk

Christmas Stocking Hanger

Window Planter Box

Cat Tree with Hidden Litter Box

Simple Bench